At long last: live! After two years of torpefying collective compliance, Hamburg’s experimental festival for pop, art and rotation has reawakened to the light of the day. Spotlight for our first post-Covid edition is “scope of movement”, in its broadest sense. For the Break Through in Play Room we are celebrating pop and art between centrifugal force, gambling disorder and alternating current.

Now in its fourth edition, PAPIRIPAR – festival for recalcitrant trend waves interference for interval alarms during somnambulist periods of inaction – has fully recalibrated the colour and music scales. This time, the palette of acts set to tantalise eyes and ears ranges all the way from larger-than-life, breathing sound machines (Victoria Shen & Ivana Dama) and Dadaist monologues in clothing-free space (Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson), afrofuturist syncopated industrial rhythms (Nihiloxica), otherworldly pop complexe (Lolina) and digitally deconstructed sound poetry (Jennifer Walshe & Thomas Lehn) to electroacoustic concerts in the raw sound funnel of a Hamburg courtyard (Mazen Kerbaj & JD Zazie). There will also be a workshop on how to build a spectre detector (Tara Pattenden).

Curated by Felix Kubin, Nika Son and Florian Bräunlich, PAPIRIPAR once again executes mesmerising and delirious back flips and adulterous flings with and between the fiercely patrolled disciplines of art, music and performance in order to set off aesthetic electrical sparks capable of jump-starting our slumbering cultural bohemia.


Thursday, 18.05.2023

19:00 Exhibition: Victoria Shen & Ivana Dama Westwerk Galerie
21:00 Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson Westwerk Bar
22:00 France Sauvage Westwerk Bar
23:00 Libyscher Wald (DJ-Set) Westwerk Bar

Friday, 19.05.2023

12:00 Workshop 1: Tara Pattenden Die Werkstatt
14:00 Exhibition: Victoria Shen & Ivana Dama Westwerk Galerie
19:00 Courtyard Serenades: Mazen Kerbaj & JD Zazie, Elvin Brandhi Fleet-Hof
21:00 Cilia Westwerk Bar
22:00 PLF Westwerk Bar
23:00 Lolina Westwerk Bar
00:00 Semi Nice + Elazer (DJ-Set) Westwerk Bar

Saturday, 20.05.2023

11:00 Workshop 2: Tara Pattenden Die Werkstatt
14:00 Exhibition: Victoria Shen & Ivana Dama Westwerk Galerie
21:00 Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm Fabrique
22:00 Evicshen Fabrique
23:00 Nihiloxica Fabrique
00:00 Nosedrip (DJ-Set) Fabrique
02:00 Internet Offline (DJ-Set) Fabrique
04:00 pq (DJ-Set) Fabrique

Sunday, 21.05.2023

14:00 Exhibition: Victoria Shen & Ivana Dama Westwerk Galerie
21:00 Phantom Chips Westwerk Bar
22:00 Kris Kuldkepp Westwerk Bar
23:00 Companion Species Westwerk Bar
00:00 Papiriparis (DJ-Set) Westwerk Bar


Admiralitätsstraße 74
20459 Hamburg

Fabrique im Gängeviertel
Valentinskamp 34A
20355 Hamburg

Die Werkstatt im Gröninger Hof
Neue Gröningerstraße 12
20457 Hamburg

Admiralitätsstraße 71
20459 Hamburg


Weekend Ticket: 30 €
Day Ticket (Fri–Sat): 15 €
Day Ticket (Sun): 12 €

Weekend Ticket: 35 €
Day Ticket (Fri–Sat): 18 €
Day Ticket (Sun): 15 €

Tickets at:


Artistic directors: Felix Kubin, Nika Son & Florian Bräunlich
Production: Anna Lafrentz
Co-production: Rebecca Raddatz
Communication: Klara Felicitas Thiele & Hark Empen
Artists texts: Thomas Baldischwyler
Translations: Matthew Partridge
Technical directors: Kris Jakob & René Huthwelker
Lightning concept: Janko Bartels
Set designers: Anna Satu & Isabella Wiegert
Photography: Claudia Höhne
Barkeeper: Florian Cornehl
Design: Studio Laurens Bauer
Code: Tilman Junghans

Thank you: Boris Vogeler, Chris Zander, Tobias Levin, Nicolas Baginsky, Dion Hutter, Joseph Rüffert, Helge Marquart and all helping hands!


Papiripar I
Papiripar II
Papiripar III


Papırıpar Festival
Bräunlich Son Kubin Gbr
Caffamacherreihe 39
20355 Hamburg
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Klara Felicitas Thiele & Hark Empen


Bräunlich Son Kubin Gbr
Florian Bräunlich, Nika Son, Felix Kubin
Caffamacherreihe 39
20355 Hamburg

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