Polter-Abend: Call Centre for Destruction

The Papiripar Festival invites you to a choreographic destruction parade. Invited Guests can destroy their favourite objects, hated objects or unnecessary heirlooms with a hammer, an axe, or their bare fist. In this way, the festival will create a supervised gathering for the release of pent-up energies. The performance will be broadcast on the radio via installed room microphones in the workshop of a disused parking lot, or directly from the comfort of your home.

Give us a call: +49-151-43283868

We welcome the following smashing stars at the Polter-Abend: Carla Riveros Eißmann, Trigal Sandberger, C. Looper, Jacques Palminger, Christine Ebeling, Mark Schröppel and Ralf Köster!

Die Werkstatt | Gröninger Hof

Friday, 5th March 2021
7pm - 9pm