Papiripar Radio

Moderated by Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann

The festival’s radio program will be hosted by two stars of the international independent radio scene: SARAH WASHINGTON and KNUT AUFERMANN. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the two have consistently expanded and redefined the spectrum of radio art with their Mobile Radio and the groundbreaking RadioRevolten Festival.

Physically airing from the Westwerk in Hamburg. Papiripar Radio will be broadcast simultaneously by international radio stations such as π-Node (Paris) and Resonance Extra (London). The concerts, originally scheduled live, will be transferred to the radio and flanked by rockets, pop experiments, label portraits, anonymous phone calls, cheerful side effects, annoying night loops, speech inhibitions, post-millenial traumas, cookie deleting tips, New Year’s Eve depressions and exceedingly groovy DJ sets. An illustrious flock of local radio butterflies will flutter around the international Radio-festival program:

Aiko Okamoto / DJ Kohlrabi, Alsen Rau, Angela Anzi + Lea Kissing + Till Richter, Anna Regner, Bela Brillowska + Jakob Henneken, Black To Comm, Der verlängerte Atem, Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg, Due Duci, Günter Reznicek, Johnny Haway + Kim Laugs, KunstHasserStammTisch, L Twills, Louise Vind Nielsen, Mariola Brillowska, Matthew Partridge + Carsten Dane + Tobias Levin, Maximilian Glass, One Mother, Pose Dia, RVDS, Selektor Huette, Teerpappe Radio, THE GAGA JIJI SHOW pres. Marja Marlene Lechner + Gabriela Těthalová + Jana Doudová + Pia Achternkamp, Thomas Baldischwyler, Tintin Patrone, Wladimir Schall and many more

Time: Thursday–Sunday, 4th–7th March 2021
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