No Bra

Postcard 10 (New York City)
When I googled the term „dysphoria“ the other day, one of the first entries that popped up on my screen was the transcription of a phone call that Wolfgang Tillmans and Susanne Oberbeck had between Berlin and New York in November 2019. The reason for their exchange was Oberbeck’s album “Love & Power”, released under her stage name
NO BRA. Tillmans, who has known her since their time together in London almost 20 years ago, took the “quasi” cover picture, which depicts Oberbeck bare chested –. I write “quasi” because the photo doesn’t decorate the front of a record, nor is it going to be sent with a compressed audio folder, but it is instead used as the thumbnail for streaming services. The immateriality of the “product” stands in stark contrast to NO BRA’s absolute stage presence; using her raw electronic music, crystal clear lyrics and actual body, she unveils society’s prejudices in assigning gender roles. Her streams can be thought of as a teaser for the alternative space that you will want to share with her again soon. I think you know what I mean.