Mentos Gulgendo

Postcard 05 (Warsaw)
Did you actually meet Antonina and Mila Nowacka at the 2018 Unsound Festival? That very year, they performed as Teyas with Christoph de Babalon and not under their actual project name WIDT. Their composition “Jamauba” made me think of how good our all-time favourite, “Concealed Identity” by Source Direct, would sound with their vocals instead of those stupid kung-fu samples. Their latest project is called MENTOS GULGENDO. Funnily enough, like the above mentioned drum’n’bass classic, it’s about concealed identities. This is why the two sisters have invented the philosopher Mentos Gulgendo, the advocate of a cosmology which suggests that electromagnetic fields can enable a reciprocal interpenetration of individuals and bring down the structures of rationality. The apparent sound mediator for these theories is an electronic organ, usually played in Poland mainly by solo entertainers. Listening to the two cassettes released in parallel on two different labels, one wonders how many disguises were used to record the multi-tonal cascades! Madness!