Postcard 08 (Brussels / Isle of Lewis)
Two years ago I dreamt I finally came to visit you in Glasgow to write a text about the Green Door Studios. In countless emails, I’ve already raved to you about the very diverse recordings that have come out of their great NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) program. I’m thrilled that a part of this Scottish universe has been invited to the Papiripar Festival. Alicia Matthews and Cassie Ezeji came together in 2011 through said studio, and named their duo LAPS (Ladies As Pimps). The title track of their second EP “Who Me” was immediately licensed by James Murphy’s Echo Chamber and used by Rihanna for a fashion show. At the same time, Matthews sang the most postmodern cover version of First Choices’ “Let No Man Put Asunder” with JD Twitch (of the legendary DJ team Optimo Espacio), and Ezeji anarchically reinvented discofunk with the band Golden Teacher. What the hell is going on? Glasgow seems to be a golden bottomless pit. Could the high sales of the local caffeine soft drink IRN-BRU be responsible? Please send a few cans over here soon – Hamburg needs it.