Itty Minchesta

Postcard 06 (Cloughwally)
Can you remember? We were standing in the seemingly never ending queue for the Sleaford Mods concert in front of Berlin’s Club Bei Ruth, and everything felt so right that one could truly believe that the universe perfectly aligns sometimes. We had ITTY MINCHESTA to thank for this feeling. Itty is an allrounder who, in addition to partly organising unprofitable places like Bei Ruth, plays in punk bands, writes radio plays, and gives lecture-performances. She strolls confidently through many worlds and searches for the gateways to life, culture and economy, always accompanied by the same question: Where are the cracks in the system through which one can enter these interfaces and leave them again just at the right moment? What will her contribution to the festival be? Will it be a pamphlet? Something instrumental? The only thing that is clear is that she will perform under her project name Itty Minchesta, and that she will be accompanied by Istari Lasterfahrer. It remains to be seen how everything will weave itself together and what kind of new light will shine out through the old breaking points.