Istari Lasterfahrer

Postcard 07 (Hamburg)
Have I ever actually told you what I think is so great about ISTARI LASTERFAHRER? Unlike most of his fellow peers from Hamburg’s pop and rap scene, he has chosen a special path between bartering and self-exploitation. Most likely inspired by jungle parties, punk concerts and discoursive promises with the last remaining squatters in 90s Northern Germany, the first releases on his label, Sozialistischer Plattenbau, were a colourful bouquet of styles. For him, this was a natural process as, after learning & teaching in the computer lab at the Hamburg Art Academy, he had to quickly program a breakbeat and then rush to the rehearsal of one of his D.I.Y. bands. Over the years, the label has become an integral part of more than just one scene, and his musical repertoire has expanded beyond string instruments and samplers to include modular synthesis. During his performance with Itty Minchesta, we will probably hear mostly beeping. But maybe he will also fox our eardrums with induction coil mics and make the ATMs sing. I’d prefer the latter.