Postcard 02 (Vienna)
It was a couple of years ago, when we were sitting in front of the Flex talking about its dance floor made out of melted vinyl. That was when I told you about the “Grandmaster Flash” gig at Bio’s Bahnhof in the 1980s, wasn’t it? It was so stupid that we didn’t talk about your fellow Viennese DIEB13. What would Alfred Biolek have said to this sound collage artist who, almost 40 years later, juggles all kinds of audio formats when he was raving about “the record becoming an instrument” at a time when old school hip-hop artists still played party breaks? At the beginning of the 90s, when sampling was beginning to generate a financial appeal and, in some way, becoming illegal for many hip-hop artists, Dieter Kovačič made his first oblivious teenage experiments with records and CDs of multiple musical styles. Unlike his predecessors and peers of the time, he was, and is concerned with a narrative of dysfunctions and material imperfections. You should give DIEB13 some shabby and scratched techno records. He will do something extraordinary with them.