Daniel R. Wilson

Postcard 04 (London)
You sent me that funny article about psychoanalysis and music, didn’t you? (The one that talks about how Freud described himself as “almost incapable” of the enjoyment of music, and why therefore he never delved into it). Lately, I have been listening to some pieces by DANIEL R. WILSON and his Radionics Radio project, and it made me think of your studies. Wilsons’ work is a delight of microtonal intervals, old electronic sound generators and promises, on the edge of parascience. On his blog, he mentioned a fan who complained that the piece “Heal Chakras” doesn’t actually heal the chakras. That immediately reminded me of that saying you hate so much: “Psychoanalysis only works if you pay something for it”. That’s why we have to make an imaginative investment if, in Hamburg, he will use the pandemic reality to have a look into our uncertain future, and simulate a world without any resource for electronic sound synthesis. Maybe the NHS will pay for your flight. I would so much love to see you again!