Beau Wanzer

Postcard 03 (Chicago)
I just thought back to that morning at the Pudel, when we argued whether BEAU WANZER was more inspired by Wax Trax (1980s) or by Dance Mania (1990s). I was unnerved that you always have such a narrow way of thinking. Sure, his first records sound like overdriven travesties of Dance Mania’s amazing producer DJ Rush, and of course, Beau is a friend of the “drum machine & distortion” combination we all know so well from the first industrial generation, licensed and distributed by Wax Trax. But does this even matter at all today? Wanzer has proven under countless pseudonyms and through dozens of collaborations that he can walk the walk and not just talk the talk. On his latest solo record on LA Club Resource, his voice sounds like the post-atomic vision of a Kinski impersonator in a burned down Moulin Rouge. I don’t even dare to imagine what kind of jingles he will produce for the festival radio. Just put a sock in it!